Dance - Open Breakdancing 12-29 | Age 12-29


At Open Breakdancing,  youth participants with all levels of dance experience are welcome. Youth are guided through a lesson for the first hour where they learn foundations and skills for their dance trainings. The youth can practice and use the space on their own for the last 2 and a half hours. A mentor is available at all times to support the training, provide dance techniques and exercises to youth participants. This program is developed and lead by Unity and delivered in partnership with MLSE LaunchPad. 

About Unity:
Unity uses hip hop to improve young people’s lives, creating healthier communities. Using hip-hop arts-based programming, Unity Charity engages and inspires youth between the ages of 12-29 from underserved communities across Canada to improve their lives and create healthier communities. Hip-hop is a relatable and easily accessible network of art forms (dance, beat box, spoken word, and graffiti) that provides a healthy space for youth who may feel disconnected from their community and/or overwhelmed by stress. To learn more about the great work Unity is doing in the community, visit 


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